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FOR SALE - DMS plant

50 ton per hour DMS plant, originally built by Bond Engineering. 

The plant needs reconditioning but is of sound structure.

The plant is located in South Africa

For more information contact Tim Crossland. Email tpcrossland@gmail.com or phone: +27 774 917 042

DMS plant



Investment sought in greenfield projects in Zambia

A private consortium holds mining rights for greenfield projects hosting cobalt, copper, gold, iron and manganese in Zambia. Investment is sought from an equity partner who can bring on board expertise and finance. The consortium is prepared to negotiate with the investor to have management and shareholder control of the greenfield projects.

For more information contact: Ngenda Mwambu

Senior Manager – Professional Services Ultimate Technology Ltd

6th Floor Provident House, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: +260 211 225 176; Cell: +260 977 302 595; E-mail: Ngenda.Mwambu@ultimate.co.zm 


Joint venture partner for Tanzania gold project 

A joint venture partner is required for a holding of a gold mining demarcated area in the Geita district of Tanzania. The joint venture partner is required to have gold skills, expertise and capital to undertake gold mining. The owner holds documents to verify the holding from the Tanzanian government and the investor will be able to determine the authenticity of the gold mining area.

For more information contact: Beatrice - trycjones@gmail.com


Diamond holding in Northern Cape South Africa

The Khoisan community in South Africa has a diamond holding in the Springbok area of the Northern Cape of South Africa to offer for sale or joint venture. The diamond holding is a greenfield project. Geological reports of the site shows a life span of 30 years. The mining method to be used would be open mobile mining. The mine is DMR licensed.

The community is seeking ZAR 300 million for an outright purchase of the project or ZAR 150 million negotiable for a joint venture stake.
For more information contact:
Billy Hendricks - billyhendricks1@gmail.com
Cell number: +27 (0) 608400437


South Africa gold mining & refining - Rivanet and Precious Metal Refinery

Delivering Engineered Concepts (DEC) is a South African based company operating in the African Mining industry, developing projects, construction and procurement of materials, services and equipment.  It holds the Rivanet and Precious Metal Refinery projects in South Africa which offer a unique opportunity in mining, processing and refining gold.  The mine and process plant are at Rivanet and the Refining Plant is north of Pretoria.  Rivanet also has reserves of manganese and diamonds.

The asking price for each project is US$35m.


The Rivanet project has the rights to approximately 60km of mineralisation strike in the North West Province of South Africa.  The Gold Mine covers the farms Palmietfontein 189 IP, Drylans 64 IQ, Rooipan 96 IQ and Varkenskraal 93 IQ and recent published records for the Drylands operation show a gold production of 1220 kilograms.

The gold reserves are contained in black reef in the Ventersdorp area.  The strike on surface means that for the first 10 years at least the resource can be mined by opencast methods. During this initial period of opencast mining the underground operations will be developed and it is anticipated that these operations will not go below 200 metres. The reserve estimates have been done to the 100 metre break, thereafter the gold bearing reef is exponentially larger. The average grades are better than 4.5 grams/tonne mined.

Gold production is estimated at greater than 5 million ounces over the Life of Mine, estimated at 20 years, with an upside potential to be approximately 10 million ounces once all the drilling and geophysical work has been completed.

The manganese resource is low grade and is used primarily in the process of mining for uranium and producing ‘Yellow Cake’ in that industry. The indicated reserves are greater than 28 million tonnes in situ, with an average grade of manganese oxide of 46%, and an expected recovery of 20 million tonnes of product.

Diamonds have been found on the property, whilst not a primary focus of the project to date, proven reserves indicate at least 185 000 carats of gem quality stones.  Development of this mineral will be to locate the kimberlite pipe that reports suggest should be on the property.  A pure blue diamond of 10.48 carats was sold in 2012 for $10.8m.

Old order mining rights are in place which will be converted to new order rights, once the current infill drilling program is complete and evaluated.

Precious Metal Refinery

The Precious Metal Refinery is capable of refining run of mine material, mine tailings, mine concentrates, refinery waste and reclaimed catalytic converters. The factory is north of Pretoria in a fully developed industrial park and is fully serviced.

Operations ceased in 2007 as there has been a lengthy court case, with a major mining house, of the tenure of some of the dump material stored adjacent to the factory. This case has been ruled in favour of the current owners.

There is more than 80,000 tonnes of dump material with a grade of up to 16 grams per tonne of PGM’s. Initial production will focus on treating this material at a rate of 5 tonnes per hour, while the factory is upgraded. The resulting concentrate will be sold to a smelting operation in Europe, with whom they have been dealing with for over 15 years. The refinery has a Precious Metal Refining Licence valid until 2040, which are not easily available. Following the initial production from the dumps, production will focus on the refining of the Rivanet gold concentrates, toll treating of PGM’s from the smaller miners and reprocessing of spent catalytic converters.

The estimated value of the PGM’s in the dumps is US$40m and the value of plant, equipment and land is approximately US1.5m. DEC is finalising the terms to conduct an exclusive due diligence on the refinery, operations and dump in situ grades.

For more information contact:

Kim Holmes, Office Manager


Phone: +27 7949 17042


Gold stocks for export

100kg of gold stocks are available for export.

For more information contact Pierre Makowski, Peru, Mobile/What's app: +51-992-896-205;  Email: cafe.del.sol.peru@gmail.com

Facebook: Pierre Makowski; Skype: cafe.del.sol.peru


Precious metal refining investment opportunity - South Africa

A newly formed business that plans to start refining precious metals from various sources including mines, tailing dumps and scrap metals is looking for investors.

48% of the business shares can be bought for R20 million Rand. This will enable mechanisation of the operation and provide employment for a small workforce. A three phase investment plan is as follows:

  1. R6.6Million ZAR to construct business premises, buy equipment, and obtain licences.
  2. R6.6Million ZAR on commencement of operations
  3. R6.6Million ZAR subject to proof of significant company growth

Please contact Neo D. Mokoena by email: neo@skycruizer.com for further details and to register your interest.


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The African Mining Network has been advised that business sales have totaled ZAR 30 million from connections made through The African Mining Network weekly news.

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The buyer is looking for businesses to in the:
Manufacturing sector
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