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AMN - ZAMBIA: Kabwe mining licence reinstated

Jubilee Metals Group has had its mining licence for the Kabwe project in Zambia reinstated with immediate effect by the country’s Minister of Mines and Mineral Development. 

In a previous announcement project operator, BMR Group reported that they received a letter from the Mining Cadastre Department of Zambia terminating, with immediate effect, the mining right of the Kabwe operation.

BMR also stated that the letter received on February 7, 2018, indicated that it had 30 days to exercise its right of appeal.

This reinstatement of the mining licences paves the way for Jubilee, in partnership with BMR, to commence with the joint execution of the project.

Chief executive Leon Coetzer said: “We welcome this decision by the Minister of Mines and Mineral Development of Zambia which recognises the work already performed on the project and the advanced state of the project’s execution readiness.

"The execution of the project which includes a lead, zinc and vanadium recovery circuit will be placed on an accelerated program.

"Our project team continued working unabatedly on the execution of the Kabwe project and we are confident that the timelines specified under the reinstatement conditions of the licence can be met.”

The Kabwe project mining licence 7081-HQ-SML was reinstated with immediate effect, subject to conditions specified by the Minister of Mines and Mineral Development.

These conditions were set to ensure the execution of the project is advanced without delay.

Conditions include that plant construction begin within three months of the reinstatement of the licence with commissioning commencing by September 30, 2018, and the first production due by December 30, 2018.