African Mining Network

AMN was established to develop and build relationships across Africa’s mining community, and give the world a preview of what is happening in mining in Africa.



Ted Blom

Senior energy and mining and commodities strategist, EECO Energy Expert Coalition

Ted Blom is a senior energy and mining and commodities strategist and tactician with a master's degree in Business from Wits Business School, Commercial and Law degrees from the University of Port Elizabeth, and a PMD from Harvard Business School, which he attended as a Gencor employee (Now BHP Billiton) in recognition of his contribution to the Group. In addition... Read More

Presentation: Eskom: Quo vadis?


Claude Bassiac


Eunomix is led by Claude Baissac, a recognised specialist in strategy, risk management and economic policy with over 20 years of executive and consulting work with corporates, governments and international organisations. He is a consumed multidisciplinarist with a wide combination of skills and experiences serving investment, operation and growth in emergent societies. Claude has worked as an economist for the African Development... Read More

Presentation: The impacts of 15 years of mineral policy on the p


Roger Dixon

Independent Mining Consultant
Pr.Eng. BSc (Hons) Mining, FSAIMM.

Roger Dixon – Roger has spent more than 47 years in the South African mining sector, and today specialises in reserve and resource reporting to stock exchanges. With his principal qualification in mining engineering, his career has included over 30 years in senior management roles at both operations and head offices of large gold mining companies. As a consulting engineer... Read More

Presentation: Mechanisation in Gold and Platinum Mining in Sout


Errol Smart

Managing Director & CEO

Errol is a geologist, registered with the South African Council of Natural Scientific Professionals, a Recognised Overseas Professional Organisation for JORC purposes. Errol has more than 24 years of industry experience across all aspects of exploration, mine development and operation, with a key focus on gold and base metals. Errol has a wealth of public and private company corporate experience... Read More

Presentation: Developing a 21st century, South African copper-zi


Deshnee Naidoo

Chief Executive Officer

Deshnee Naidoo was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Zinc International and Copper Mines of Tasmania in February 2015. Deshnee has over 22 years of experience in the resources industry across multiple commodities including platinum, thermal coal, manganese and base metals. Her tenure at VZI includes the approval, project execution and construction, commissioning and current ramp-up of the Gamsberg Project,... Read More

Presentation: Unlocking South Africa’s Northern Cape Zinc Potent


Mr Zhimin Li


Mr. Zhimin Li holds a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering from KunMing University of Science and Technology in China. He has over 30 years’ experience in mining and civil engineering construction obtained through working in China for the Jinchuan Group and Africa including other foreign jurisdictions where he managed multi-million rand projects.  ... Read More

Presentation: “The Platimum Industry – Trends, Opportunities, Ch