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African Mining Network offers companies and individuals in the mining and mining supply sector a platform to connect to 22,000 African Mining Network members and subscribers through our Dealmakers page.

If you are looking for investors, business opportunities and connect with other deal makers in the mining and mining supply sector The African Mining Network wants to hear from you. This page, together with our weekly news service will help connect you to the right people and organisations to realise your endeavours and business goals.  Enquiries are welcomed.

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Investment sought for mineral extraction and semi-precious stones

Investors are being sought for a gold mining operation in Zimbabwe and the owners advise they have land rich in gold deposits. Zimbabwe’s political landscape is changing and the owners say this offer presents a great opportunity for an investor to invest.

In Namibia the owners have copper mining and semi-precious minerals licences.
The owners extract and sell. Their most recent discovery has been spessartite/mandarin/orange garnets.

For more information contact:
J.K. Gottfried t/a Rundu General Traders
Email: rundugeneraltraders@gmail.com
Phone Rundu in Namibia: +26 481 429 5926

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Blockchain internet technology for African resources

An Australian company, African Mutual Resources Pty Ltd, with input from IBM, is developing blockchain internet technology like that deployed by the British Royal Mint to eliminate errors, fraud and misinterpretation in the mining industry.

Hyper ledger blockchain offers all parties a secure, unchangeable, auditable, synchronized record of every step of the process. The blockchain is tamper resistant and secure, eliminating the risk of fraud and error. No one can delete any entry.

African Mutual Resources blockchain technology is designed to create trust between buyer and seller. It simplifies, standardizes, and speeds up processes, lowers transaction costs and provides security and trust so that every participant benefits.

African Mutual Resources is working with the Nigerian and other governments to utilise its Trust Through Technology program.  Their initial Information Memorandum www.africanmutualresources.com/amr-im.pdf focuses on the African gold industry.  It can be readily adapted for other resources … oil, diamonds, minerals and agriculture.  

For more information: www.themutualaustralian.com

Email peter.watkins@themutualaustralian.com

Mob + 61 419 404 875


FOR SALE - DMS plant

50 ton per hour DMS plant, originally built by Bond Engineering. 

The plant needs reconditioning but is of sound structure.

The plant is located in South Africa

For more information contact Tim Crossland. Email tpcrossland@gmail.com or phone: +27 774 917 042

DMS plant



Partner sought to buy gold mine

Gold miners operating in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe are looking for an investor/s to partner them to buy a gold mine being sold south of Bulawayo. The mine is called The Star group of mines. It has good reefs and is currently in production.

Interested persons or parties can contact Anele Boi on the following details to understand more about the investment and mine sale.

Email: neleboi@gmail.com

Phone: +27 711 312 086


Investment sought in greenfield projects in Zambia

A private consortium holds mining rights for greenfield projects hosting cobalt, copper, gold, iron and manganese in Zambia. Investment is sought from an equity partner who can bring on board expertise and finance. The consortium is prepared to negotiate with the investor to have management and shareholder control of the greenfield projects.

For more information contact: Ngenda Mwambu

Senior Manager – Professional Services Ultimate Technology Ltd

6th Floor Provident House, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: +260 211 225 176; Cell: +260 977 302 595; E-mail: Ngenda.Mwambu@ultimate.co.zm 


Joint venture partner for Tanzania gold project 

A joint venture partner is required for a holding of a gold mining demarcated area in the Geita district of Tanzania. The joint venture partner is required to have gold skills, expertise and capital to undertake gold mining. The owner holds documents to verify the holding from the Tanzanian government and the investor will be able to determine the authenticity of the gold mining area.

For more information contact: Beatrice - trycjones@gmail.com


Diamond holding in Northern Cape South Africa

The Khoisan community in South Africa has a diamond holding in the Springbok area of the Northern Cape of South Africa to offer for sale or joint venture. The diamond holding is a greenfield project. Geological reports of the site shows a life span of 30 years. The mining method to be used would be open mobile mining. The mine is DMR licensed.

The community is seeking ZAR 300 million for an outright purchase of the project or ZAR 150 million negotiable for a joint venture stake.
For more information contact:
Billy Hendricks - billyhendricks1@gmail.com
Cell number: +27 (0) 608400437


MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: Businesses wanted to buy


Readers of the African Mining Network have successfully used the weekly news service to promote, buy and sell their businesses.

The African Mining Network has been advised that business sales have totaled ZAR 30 million from connections made through The African Mining Network weekly news.

Currently one of our members is seeking companies who wish to sell their business.
Please send your details to The African Mining Network

The buyer is looking for businesses to in the:
Manufacturing sector
Product distribution and agencies
Electrical businesses, particularly transformer manufacturers or are local agents for global manufacturers

The African Mining Network is pleased to hear from companies in these sectors who are looking to sell. Send your information HERE