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AMN - CONFERENCE: China Gold Congress and Expo in July

More than 2000 delegates and industrial leaders, together with 100 exhibitors will participate in the third China Gold Congress and Expo in Beijing in July. The event’s aim is to create the world's largest international cooperation platform in the gold industry

Hosted by China Gold Association and World Gold Council, the third China Gold Congress and Expo will be held on July 24-26, 2018 at the China National Convention Centre.

China Gold Congress and Expo will comprise three streams - Gold Mining, Gold Investment Market and Gold Consumption.

The activities of China Gold cover the entire mineral value chain, including gold mining, smelting and processing, market trend forecasting for gold investment, gold consumer products, particularly jewellery design and technology.

Sessions on Technology Innovation and the Exploration Exchange Gold are being arranged to promote investment and cooperation.

The first and second China Gold Congress and Expo were held in 2014 and 2016 in Beijing. There were more than 2000 delegates and 50 exhibitors from 20 countries joined the event.

As the largest gold event covering the whole value chain, China Gold is committed to continually promoting the international cooperation and rapid growth of the Chinese gold industry.

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