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AMN was established to develop and build relationships across Africa’s mining community, and give the world a preview of what is happening in mining in Africa.

AMN - CONFERENCE: China Mining Congress and Expo

The 20th China Mining Congress and Expo will be held this month - 18-20 October - at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Ministry of Land & Resources and Tianjin Municipal People’s Government have successfully co-hosted China Mining since 2009.

When the event first began in 2004 there were some 1000 delegates in attendance. The event has grown significantly where last year some 11,000 attendees were recorded attending.

China Mining’s influence has grown globally and is a highly-respected mining show on the world scene. The conference attracts the world’s policymakers and is the industry-leading voice in presenting the hottest topics and providing insightful information.

The presentations cover mining industry trends, the global mineral commodity market, domestic and international investment opportunities, sustainable mining development, geological surveys, mining technologies and equipment.

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