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AMN - GUINEA: Volt begins gold exploration program

Volt Resources has field exploration underway at its suite of projects in the highly prospective Birimian Gold Belt in Guinea. Field activities have begun at Monebo and Nzima permits within the Mandiana project while a review of soil samples at Konsolon project has identified high-grade gold of up to 20.25 g/t.

The ASX-listed company is seeking to take advantage of strong gold market fundamentals through projects in Guinea and Zambia while still focusing on its flagship Bunyu Graphite Project in Tanzania.

Volt’s in-country geology team has started activities at Monebo and Nzima permits. The Nzima permit is in close proximity to the Nzima large artisanal mining operation.

Initial works included site visits, mapping and collection of grab samples from the artisanal workings. Geological mapping was conducted at artisanal workings and collection of grab samples while numerous active artisanal workings have been mapped across both permits.

The team mapped several artisanal workings in the Nzima permit and a limited number of new workings in the Monebo permit. A large area in the north of the Nzima permit is covered by artisanal activities.

A total of 90 grab samples have been collected at Monebo and Nzima with 79 of these at the latter. The samples have been despatched to SGS Mali for analysis.

When the initial results of collected grab samples become available from Nzima, the team will plan a systematic auger drilling geochemical sampling program to generate initial drill targets.

In the areas of Monebo with artisanal workings, the team will plan a systematic auger drilling geochemistry program to determine initial targets. For the areas that are not disturbed, the team is planning to execute a systematic soil sampling program. The soil sampling program will be followed by a shallow auger drilling geochemical sampling program.

At Konsolon project the company has undertaken additional review of the legacy soil geochemistry. Multiple gold in soil anomalies were identified between 1.0km and 2.5km in length across this permit. A total of 3,544 samples were collected by Crew Gold Corporation from the Konsolon area in 2006. The collected samples included systematic grid soil samples and grab samples.

Very significant results of up to 20.25 g/t gold were obtained with other results including 12.87 g/t, 5.12 g/t, 4.97 g/t and 3.21 g/t. Volt has made some changes to its initially planned soil sampling program, where it will now collect a lesser number of samples to verify the previous explorer’s results before planning the next phase of exploration.

These grab samples will be collected across prospective zones prior to undertaking an auger geochemistry program to generate in-situ gold targets for drilling.

Volt has six permits covering an area of 348.7 square kilometres in Guinea’s highly prospective Siguiri Basin and has grouped them into three projects – the Kouroussa Project, Mandiana Project and Konsolon Project.

The Kouroussa Project comprises three permits - Kouroussa, Kouroussa West and Fadougou permits. The Kouroussa and Kouroussa West permits border the Predictive Discovery permit which was the subject of a recently announced discovery of high-grade gold mineralization. To the NE, the Kouroussa Permit borders the Kouroussa mine and the Fadougou permit is 13km NE of the same mine.

Konsolon project constitutes one prospective permit. The permit consists of several geochemical gold in soil anomalies identified by previous explorers.

The Mandiana Project comprises the highly prospective Nzima permit and Monebo permit. The Nzima permit borders the Nzima artisanal mine and is 15km SW of the 1.1-million-ounce Tri-K Deposit owned by Managem.