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AMN - NAMIBIA: Marenica resumes uranium exploration

Marenica Energy has re-commenced uranium exploration in Namibia following lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. The company has commenced drilling at Hirabeb in the first of two drilling programs with another to follow at Koppies.

At Hirabeb drilling will focus on areas where horizontal loop electromagnetic (HLEM) surveys have identified extensive paleochannels while at Koppies the drilling will test the eastern extensions for mineralisation.

Marenica's first drilling program is on exclusive prospecting licence (EPL) 7278. Hirabeb is highly prospective for uranium due to identification of extensive paleochannels using HLEM surveys.

HLEM identified paleochannels over a distance of 18km from east to west and the A$100,000 drilling program will validate the location of the paleochannels and test for mineralisation within those paleochannels.

Following the success of HLEM surveys at the Koppies prospect in identifying paleochannels that drilling has subsequently shown to be mineralised, Marenica trialled the technique at Hirabeb, which is its largest tenement in the Namib area, 15 times larger than Koppies.

A second drilling program will test for mineralisation in paleochannels to the east of Koppies. Marenica has already identified large areas of mineralisation in the Koppies paleochannel system and this drilling is anticipated to extend that mineralisation.

This A$30,000 drilling program will test the extension of the Koppies paleochannel up to 3.7km into the adjoining tenement immediately to the east.

Marenica managing director Murray Hill said: “The company is pleased to have resumed exploration activities in Namibia. We are keen to see the outcome of our first drilling program at the previously undrilled Hirabeb tenement.

"In addition, there is much anticipation around being able to identify extensions of the uranium mineralisation in paleochannels to the east of Koppies.

"The drilling programs are low cost, but with the potential to provide significant results for the company. I look forward to providing results following completion and analysis of the drilling programs.”