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AMN - SUPPLIERS: IFWS2 enhances lubrication standards

Techenomics has almost three decades of experience delivering oil analysis, condition monitoring and fluid management services to the mining, oil & gas, marine, rail, transport and power generation industries.

Adding value to this lubricants experience is the NanoLub inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide (IFWS2) nanoparticles developed and produced by Nanotech Industrial Solutions Inc (NIS) and which are distributed by Techenomics.

Building on an excellent relationship forged in the past few years, NIS has also appointed Techenomics as exclusive worldwide mining distributor for IFWS2.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says lubricants play a vital role in maintaining the overall health of wet lubricated compartments such as engine and gearing and the IFWS2 particles when added to lubricants, including oils and greases, improve lubricants performance for longer.


"This, therefore, reduces wear and tear, limits maintenance, enhances the performance of lubricants resulting in fewer oil and grease changes, increases productivity and reduces harmful emissions.
"The IFWS2 particles give our customers better bang for their lubricant spend, making them an absolute no-brainer."

Chris Adsett explains that the IFWS2 particles, which are spherical in nature, act like ball bearings between metal surfaces.

"By forming a protective micro-layer on metal surfaces, IFWS2 prevents these surfaces from coming into contact, thus reducing friction and lowering operating temperatures."

This is not just marketing speak, Chris Adsett says, as Techenomics has conducted independent tests and trials on a global scale, ranging from mining to industrial applications, to ensure the product truly does save energy, increase oil life, lower fuel consumption, reduce component wear and suppress emissions.


With many more trials and tests planned, Techenomics aims to prepare accurate case studies which in the future will help customers understand the short and long-term benefits of IFWS2 for their assets.

This extensive and ongoing work by Techenomics backs up the research and testing undertaken by NIS.

The nano-materials developed by NIS have also recently demonstrated their environmental credentials by gaining ISO 14001 accreditation.

This has been attained for the ‘Environmental management system of research, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of nano-sized materials’.

For more information about Techenomics contact Chris Adsett